Organized Chaos

One of my friends suggested to me the other night to blog about current events. I told her that I didn’t like hearing about current events because they either piss me off or make me sad. Current events are very rarely anything highly positive that reminds you how it feels to be alive or a part of the human race, which, let’s face it, has really gone down the shitter in the past couple of decades. War, poverty, hunger, murder, crime, destruction, despair…why exactly do I want to be plastered to my TV to hear about current events? Then if it isn’t about war, poverty, hunger, murder, crime, destruction or despair it’s about which celebrity is pregnant, how much did Lindsay Lohan have to drink last night, did Paris Hilton buy a new purse, oh and my recent favorite: all the ridiculous bulls shit publicity that Justin-asshole-douchebag-I-hate-you-Beiber has been getting for…

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