award yourself a nobel peace prize

SO, today I was supposed to award myself a nobel peace prize and I did. THIS for certian was really fun because I could make it for whatever I wanted 🙂 AND it kinda made me feel smart lol.. SO if you have the time I would suggest making yourself a nobel peace prize and make it for whatver you want. the good thing about making them is you can tell your friends that you got one and when they ask you to show it to them you have proof!


Arresting yourself

OK, SO I thought the only thing that sounded interesting today (that was random) was arresting myself. SO that is just what I did. I made some handcuffs from scratch and then I decided to act out both the police officer and the one who is getting arrested. Turns out I went to jail for nothing but I eventually broke out and that is how I am writing this post 😀 The weirdest thing about this is that it was actually fun, and I wasnt expecting it to be fun at all LOL. If you are awesome enough you should try to do this too 🙂 trust me, you will have more fun than you think and it will bring out ur inner actor!!

P.S. dont use handcuffs that are real becuase it is hard to unlock them 🙂

Unicorn Hunting license

OK. so today I decided that I would start off by applying for a unicorn hunting license. I looked it up on the internet and sure enough I found a website that I could get one at!! WELL, I am now certified to hunt and capture unicorns and if you want to make one too then just go on this website —-> and print out your own and hang it somewhere or put it in ur wallet. Now you wont get in trouble if you are hunting unicorns :)

The Magical Refrigerator

I had found that many people think that refrigerators are magical Okay, people may not just come out and say that but here is what happens. First the person goes up to the fridge and opens the door looking for a snack. Looking around they can’t seem to find one. Next the person goes to the living room and sits down, still hungry. After that the person thinks how bad they want something to eat, so the go back to the fridge. Then, the person opens the fridge looks around for something to eat and finds nothing. The process is repeated until the person finally goes to the store. So, my point is that people return to the fridge hoping to find something new appear, like magic but nothing magical ever does happen. I have done this many times =) Comment if you have done this or something similar.