I was just researching online the most popular clothing stores for teenagers. I found that Hollister is one of the most popular, so I decided to search why it is. In the searches I had found that many people like because it is expensive so, it makes you seem richer. Well, I am not too into being popular and I think the reason is kind of unreasonable. If someone wears Hollister with the store name on it (which it usually has it in big letters on the front), they are just a walking advertisement for the store. Just think; if I go to Wal-Mart I can find awesome styles of clothing there without having to pay the price of Hollister (that would save so much). If anyone has other reasons that Hollister is so popular comment.


new trend in nail painting

I have something to confess. I love to paint my nails, always differnt colors. I was talking to someone about painting nails and they had told me there was a new way to paint nails. Well, I think it is kind of weird but it is in style and this is how you do it. First you pick two colors (they can’t look alike). Next you paint all of your nails excpet one, one of the either two colors. Then you take the other color nail polish and paint that one nail that color. Last let them dry and you’re done. So, the new fashion statement is to paint nine nails one color then paint one nail different. I only tried it once and it looks really cool. I would suggest that you would try this yourself, and if you do comment what colors you paint them and if you like it or not.