Most popular video game

Well, again I was surfing the internet and found something interesting about video games. The second most popular video game is Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. It has been one of the top video games for a long time. In the game there are characters that symbolize actual professional skateboarders, which makes it exciting for kids and teens. There are many competitions and goals that are to be completed to move up in levels. During the game there are many tricks (ollies, kickflips, rail slides, wall grinds and much more) that you do to get points to move up on levels. The game is very exciting and can better increase the knowledge of skateboarding. Although the game can be great to play, many people have written that it is very addicting. Some people find that even though they have beaten the whole game they play it all over again cuz of the addiction. Overall it seems like a very good game. I have yet to play it but, just reading the review I would give it 4/5 stars.


Fur Real Go Go Walking Pup

I had no idea but when I found out I was so surprised. The third most popular toy in 2011 is the Fur Real Go Go Walking Pup. This Fur Real pup actually goes for walks (using the remote) along with you. That’s not even all of it, the pup actually wags its tail and barks. Many little kids (mostly girls) think it’s amazing that is why it has sold so much. Reading the reviews, many people have posted that this dog doesn’t even work right. Some say the batteries run out very fast and others say they don’t even walk. During the commercials they can make it seem really awesome but, when someone opens it, it doesn’t work right. Many say not to waste your time on these new walking electronic toys.