Justin Bieber

Now, I am not here to dis Justin or make fun of him because he does have a good voice *cough for a girl cough cough*. Anyways he did have life going for him and he had a great music plan but he messed that all up. Justin has turned into a bad fake gangster that thinks he is all that and thinks he rules the world. AND Justin if you read this.. I dont really like you.

Yeah your songs can be good and I think 2 of them are but, you have made the music industry turn bad into thinking that your kind of music is “awesome”.

PS. The girls like you for your money and your looks, not for who you really are. If they actually paid attention to who you were then you wouldnt have any girls after you.

I would never invite you to birthday, go to your concerts, or even message you. Please dont take any “offence” to this blog – Anybody

Note – tell me what you think of Justin Bieber. Your oponion counts as much as anybody elses does. Do you think Justin should live on or do you think he should stop his “carreer”?

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Lil’ wayne

I have just found a page on Facebook that people like when they don’t like lil wayne. WELL when I went there I was wondering why people don’t like him so I asked. Someone answered, he raps the same things over and over again because he doesn’t know how to write a good song and that he is just in it for the fame and the money. This could be true because a lot of singers are just in it for the fame and the money. The person also said that his voice is beyond awful and I do believe that because in his song knockout with Nicki Minaj he sounds horrible. I wouldn’t even listen to that song because he was in it. Anyways. I want to know what you think about lil wayne and the way he sings and writes his music. All opinions welcome 🙂

This morning

I woke up this morning thinking about my blog. (of course) I want to do a review on someone famous and decided that Justin Bieber. Now, I know that everyone hates him but he is really a good person.

Justin Bieber may be a famous pop star and others may be jealous of him but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to put him down and make fun of him. He has moved up in music charts really fast and he has a great talent. Really he is a good person inside and out. I recently started listening to his song never say never and it is a very good song. If you havent listened to it I would deffinatly suggest it. I have never seen the Justin Bieber movie but I have some friends that have and they said it made them realize that he is a great person with a great talent. Overall I think he is a amazing person. What do you think of Justin Bieber?