Alt-Rock Legend Tommy Stinson Talks About Guns N’ Roses, Puff Daddy, and a Replacements Reunion


If you’ve listened to rock music over the last two decades, there’s a good chance that you heard the influence of The Replacements. Bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Wilco, Green Day all owe a head nod in the direction of the ‘Mats. The group, which started out as a Minneapolis punk band in the ’80s, were unlikely innovators famous (or, infamous) for their wildly unpredictable performances – brilliant one night, obliterating the stage in a drunken rampage the next.

Jim Walsh, a columnist at City Pages in Minneapolis, calls the Replacements “the little working-class band that could — but didn’t.” The lovably sloppy group could step into the recording studio (and, sometimes, on the right night, on to the stage) and play heartfelt, bewilderingly beautiful songs that still resonate 20 years on. Now, The Replacements are back. Sort of. The group reunited and published an EP of cover songs, Songs for…

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