Snapchat CEO: users taking 150M images a day (before they disappear)


Even after Facebook(s FB) released a direct copycat of its service, Snapchat is continuing to grow at breakneck speed. Tuesday CEO and co-founder Evan Spiegel said Snapchat users are uploading 150 million images every day. That’s up from 20 million a day in October, and compared to Instagram’s 40 million a day.

The hallmark of Snapchat is, of course, the impermanence of its images: 10 seconds after an image is viewed by the recipient, it’s deleted from Snapchat’s servers, Spiegel said.

Facebook released Poke in December, a feature that mimics Snapchat’s disappearing images. It clearly didn’t have any kind of slowing effect on Snapchat becoming a major rival for image uploading. It was “the best Christmas present ever, I think,” Spiegel said Tuesday at the D: Dive into Mobile conference.

The uptake of Snapchat’s take-it-and-delete-it photo service has come in only about a year. Though the company existed…

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Leap Motion gets its gesture control integrated with select HP PCs


Leap Motion, the company making extremely accurate gesture detection hardware, has signed a deal to bundle and then integrate its motion-based controller into select HP products. This is a big win for Leap, which already has a deal with ASUS that will bundle the Leap Motion device in with its all in one computers as well as select ASUS notebooks this year.

Bundling is good, but integration is always better in the consumer world, since most consumers may not have any idea that they want gesture-based controls or even why. Leap’s system works like a Kinect with an exterior piece of hardware attached to the computer that detects hand motions with a high degree of accuracy — within 1/100th of a millimeter. As for why someone might want this on their machine, it’s an enabler for new types of computing experiences.

When the company raised an additional $30 million earlier…

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With over 200M monthly users, WhatsApp CEO boasts, “We’re bigger than Twitter”


Global smartphone messaging service WhatsApp confirmed on Tuesday that it has more than 200 million active users of its service every month. CEO Jan Koum refused to be more specific than that, but he did brag that his company has more monthly users than another prominent mobile company.

“We’re bigger than Twitter today,” he said at the Dive into Mobile conference. “More than 200 million active users monthly.”

Those people are also sending a lot of messages: WhatsApp users get 8 billion inbound messages per day and send over 12 billion per day.

The app, which is on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian, came to prominence because it allows cross-platform messaging; it’s like if you could send an iMessage to anyone regardless of the mobile operating system they are using.

Koum said WhatsApp has a global focus and that the app is big everywhere, but he said…

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