So for once I’m actually posting something that isn’t a repost. Right? Maybe someone will get some enjoyment out of this.


I’ve been thinking. Life has been kinda crazy for me. I need a good outlet and blogging seems to be what I typically turn to. Good for you if you find any of my stories I’ll tell to be at all interesting. Who knows. Don’t know if you don’t try, right?


So I’ll get to the point a tad. First off I’ve been trying to find myself and have yet taken the time to do so. Well I’ve been married and separated within a year and 2 months of being together. Been a step parent. Dropped out of school gave up college. All that crazy crap. (Not going to write certain things) Not saying my life is shit but it is defiantly crazy I’d say.


So onto another subject. I do own my own cleaning business so I do have something going for my life so far! I’m 19 years old and obviously a female. I am going to graduate. Afterwards I’m going to go to college for psychology and do this on the side as a hobby. Besides that I don’t really do much. Well in the winter.


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