Top Resturaunts In PA

1: Apple-bee’s- fun get together for the whole family and cheep but great food!

2: Taco Bell: Good tacos that you just can’t get enough of!

3: friendly’s: a good restaurant that caters to good food and surprisingly nice staff!

4: Wolf’s diner: a good inexpensive breakfast or lunch, for a good price!

5: Denny’s: one of the best restaurants for a cheep family night out! Good food!

6: Cheddar’s: good mood  food!

7: Bakers: My favorite restaurant to go to in all of the world. Best place to go after sports.

8: Pickle Nickle: a place that me and my brother would go to when we were hungry and didn’t feel like eating at home.

9: Millennium Pizza: nice people always willing to give you a cut (at least with me and my brother lol) We once folded boxes for a free piece of pizza!

10: all in one stop: One of the best places to go for a sub besides subway!


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