T-Mobile goes even lower: bring in old iPhone, waive $99 fee for iPhone 5


If you think zero dollars sounds better than $99, T-Mobile has an iPhone deal for you. Starting on Friday, if you trade in an iPhone 4(s AAPL) or iPhone 4S, the carrier will waive the down payment for a new iPhone 5.

Friday is also launch day for the T-Mobile iPhone. It is the last of the major U.S. wireless providers to get the iPhone, and as a result is looking for ways to boost its appeal to potential customers beyond its unusual new payment plan structure.

T-Mobile’s new no-contract payment plans, introduced last month, mean customers can walk out of a store with a new iPhone 5 for $99, with $20 monthly payments for the next  two years. It actually works out to be cheaper than buying an unlocked, full-price iPhone directly from Apple by about $70. The plans are also slightly less pricey than what T-Mobile competitors are…

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