North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un Temper Tantrum Bothering Neighbors

the paper

Lifelong Disney fan has adopted skill of dramatic speech
by Peter Lacerenza
Opinions Co-Editor


As part of its increasingly bellicose rhetoric, North Korean officials on April 6 informed foreign embassies operating in the nation that they could not guarantee the safety of its diplomats, nor of its tourists, in the advent of war. Although this advice comes at a time when North Korea’s tactical trajectory remains uncertain, the reaction of foreign officials to this advice has been mixed at best. Though Russia, a traditional North Korean ally, has made public its considerations of leaving its facilities in the capital city, Pyongyang, other nations like Sweden and France have made no such announcements. Perhaps least concerned is Great Britain, who has not only vouched to continue its ambassadorial functions in the Democratic People’s Republic, but has also proceeded in conducting tour groups through its embassy.

Be that as it may, anxiety…

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