Two-Minute Tune-Up 3.28.13 Recoqnizing the Fine Line

Two-Minute Tune-Up

Between confidence and arrogance

Between flexibility and indecisiveness

Between humility and self-deprecation

Between self-respect and self-pity

Between candor and harmful criticism

Between compromise and cooperation

Between communicating and talking

Between helping and interfering

Between faith and fantasy

Between love and co-dependency

I could go on. The point is this: our happiness, success, productivity, and relationships depend on the fine line between these character traits.

The trajectory of our careers and personal lives is a function of how we think and how often we think about these distinctions in our daily interactions.

Life will always be a balancing act. But over time, personal reflection, meditation, prayer, reading, and listening to mentors will reveal the fine line to us.

Chose the fast lane that speeds past these practices at your own risk.


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