Silver Tongued Orator

Once Upon A Straight Girl

Life goes on…0-hypocrisy
The devil made me do it…
It probably prevented something worse happening…

Clichés – Love them or hate them!

I am not against guns! I am also not for guns, especially if the screening and licensing to own weapons is not improved upon!  I, like so many other discerning minds before me; believe in watching the life cycle of an event replay itself and present it’s salvaged being for reiteration.

Some day my ship will come in…
The waiting is the hardest part…
One day I will wake up, and it will all fit together…

The latest news out of Washington; Marriage Equality. The past two days has the media reporting wide spread confusion on behalf of a few of our black veiled ombudsmen. How much longer must we tread the tired awry pathways of the past? If history were to repeat itself; marriage equality may result…

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