Review: Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience

the paper

by Connor O’Brien
News Co-Editor


If you haven’t heard that Justin Timberlake has a new album out, I’m not sure what you’re doing with your life. He’s been on pretty much every medium for the past three months, especially television: he recently hosted Saturday Night Live before having a week long residency at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Simultaneously, everyone on the Internet turned their unending 90s nostalgia into unadulterated excitement for JT’s first album in seven years.

The result of the most hype in recent memory, The 20/20 Experience, delivers. Mostly. It kicks off with ascending string fanfare akin to an old Hollywood musical on “Pusher Love Girl.” However, the ensuing slow grind groove represents Timberlake’s musical style in microcosm. By once again fusing different elements from pop music over the past forty years – a healthy dose of R&B, Timbaland’s Spector-esque over-production with 808s and well-placed beatboxing, and…

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