Quit Arguing and Listen Once; You May Learn Something

Friday Tales

I came across this old poem a few days ago, written by Canadian poet Archibald Lampman, and feel there’s a lot of truth in it. 🙂


Friend, though thy soul should burn thee, yet be still;
thoughts were not meant for strife, nor tongues for swords.
He that sees clear is gentlest of his words
and that’s not truth that hath the heart to kill.
The whole world’s thought shall not one truth fulfill.
Dull in our age, and passionate in youth:
no mind of man hath found the perfect truth,
nor shalt thou find it; therefore, friend, be still.

Watch and be still, nor hearken to the fool,
the babbler of consistency and rule:
wisest is he, who, never quite secure,
changes his thoughts for better day by day
To-morrow some new light will shine, be sure
and thou shalt see thy thought another way.

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