Honest Atheist? Honest Article by D. Linker?

2000 words due in the morning

A friend recently posted an article by Damon Linker (DL) called “Where are the Honest Atheists?” with the comment “Good reading.” Now I know he is a top bloke and I can only hope he has as much time for me as I do for him. So I read it and thought about it.

Unfortunately, I felt the article was intellectually lazy and completely devoid of understanding of human nature.

The premise that conclusions from random events are depressing is the complete opposite of how humans respond to improbable events. Take a coin and flip it. If it lands on its edge do you get depressed and moan how life isn’t worth living? Or even how meaningless flipping a coin is? I’ve had it happen to me once and I danced around in ecstatic delight. I’ve tried to repeat it over several years, and will do over several…

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