Choose Your Own Adventure

The Ink Well

ImageIn a few days, I will be taking on my fourth career opportunity, and I cannot explain how super, wicked excited I am. I even started lining up my outfits for the first week. (I’m totally in my new kid on the first day of school mode!). While most of the feedback I have gotten has been positive and encouraging, my personal leap of faith has scared the crap out of some people. I’ve had people asking me how I will handle my new commute to DC or how I feel about starting back from scratch with vacation time and 4O1K benefits. I even had a now former co-worker admonish me (in a elder statesman way) about leaving my most recent position before my three-year anniversary. 

 As the worrywart that I can sometimes be, I started plunking these concerns and fears around in my head like a pinball machine. What…

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