Atheists Need to Fact-Check Better (Reblog)

Finding Truth

Ran across this post over at The Musings of Thomas Verenna, and I think he makes a great point. He states that the image below is something that’s going around Facebook right now, and what it claims is simply incorrect.

Ishtar image

If you’d like to see all the reasons why he finds fault with this image, check out the link to his blog. On a broader note, I think this is an issue we non-believers need to take very seriously. There really are religious people who are open-minded enough to consider our point of view. So when we have an opportunity to tell them why we don’t believe in their particular religion, we can’t waste our chance giving false information. Because as soon as they realize that the info we’ve given them is inaccurate or not the full picture, they’ll dismiss every other point we made.

Many of us who…

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