The most hated family in america

Question is, is there really a most hated family in america? The answer is yes and they live in Kansas. Thing is they are really crazy and weird.

They are all about religion and here is what they think.

All people that do things (sexually) before marrige are for sure going to hell.

All gay people are also going to hell or anyone that thinks its ok for gays to be together. Anyone that thinks bad (sexually) is also going to hell.

They stand on the side of the roads on highways telling people that drive by that they are going to hell. AND they even have their kids saying that to kids at school! That is not fair or right at all.

They are wrong and mislead. I dont like them at all and neither should you but, why not watch the videos that a journalist made while being with them to study what they do.


They are sooo rude!!

Watch the videos (there is 8) and post what you think about them.

Thanks!! 🙂


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