Tomorrow by chris young

As a request I am doing a review on the song tomorrow by Chris young is the link to the song

This song is about a couple that knows they aren’t right for each other and know that they wont last long and they don’t get along well. While in the relationship they hurt each others feelings and think nothing of it. The guy is saying that he is going to give into the girl one last time and spend the night with her and make her feel like she should.

The main point is that the relationship isn’t working and they guy keeps spending the night with her and giving into what she wants.

In my view I like the song yes, but it definitely isn’t going to be my favorite anytime soon. If you can listen to the song and let me know what you think about it.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow by chris young

  1. You see when I listened to it I thought I was more of a song with a happy ending.. I feel like he doesn’t like what they have to offer to eachother but ever time he’s goes to leave, he runs back to her the next day cause he misses her so much. Cause he said he’s gunna be stronger and not come running back tomorrow but then in The next verse he’s back with her.. Loving her again. He wants to go but he literally has to fight with himself to stay away and that’s were you know it’s love..

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