Chris Young- The man I want to be

By request I listen to the song – The man I want to be by Chris Young and there are some good things said in this song that can make you realize some things.

The first verse that I thought was meaningful is – I’m down here on my knees because it’s the last place left to fall.  —        Sometimes when things go wrong, the last place we really can fall is on our knees, so this verse is true and meaningful

The second verse – Begging for another chance if there’s any chance at all. — sometimes we don’t get another chance and if we do we are really lucky to have one. People always beg for a second chance or maybe even more chances than that. It is very important to get things right the first time.

The third verse – I’ve spent my whole life gettin’ it all wrong– Some people don’t know how to handle things or live with what they have and it is very hard to get life right the first time and it is very hard to start over when people know that you did something wrong because it is very hard to believe that they have changed their lives.

The fourth verse – admit that I was wrong man.  — It is very hard for some people to admit that they are wrong about things and in this song he really wants to admit he was wrong and change what he was doing.

The fifth verse I wanna really start livin’ man.  — People can live as in be alive but never really live their lives right so, they really aren’t living life. In this song he really wants to start living the way he should and actually live life right.

The ending verse – God I’m askin’ you to come and change me into the man I want to be— This is something we should all ask because we all need to live the way we should be.

Listen to the song and comment on what you think of the song 🙂


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