The Magical Refrigerator

I had found that many people think that refrigerators are magical Okay, people may not just come out and say that but here is what happens. First the person goes up to the fridge and opens the door looking for a snack. Looking around they can’t seem to find one. Next the person goes to the living room and sits down, still hungry. After that the person thinks how bad they want something to eat, so the go back to the fridge. Then, the person opens the fridge looks around for something to eat and finds nothing. The process is repeated until the person finally goes to the store. So, my point is that people return to the fridge hoping to find something new appear, like magic but nothing magical ever does happen. I have done this many times =) Comment if you have done this or something similar.


4 thoughts on “The Magical Refrigerator

  1. lol i have done that sooo many times i look in the fridge nothing there close it…wait a lil bit….. open it again and look still nuthing there…..close it again…….open it agian….STILLL NUTHING THERE!!!! and sooo im all lilke mom!!dad!!! im hungry!! and we dont got nuthing to eat!!!!!

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