Writing stories/books

So, I just started this blog and I decided to write about writing books/stories for the first topic. I am working on a book right now called the Land of Wonders and Once Was, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. Writing is mainly what I do in my free time which I have a lot of. There were many times that I had started writing a book/novel and have never finished one because I got sick of writing it. So far I have three and a half chapters done and typed up; the writing process is very long. I have written many short stories that are finished though, some of them I will be sharing soon. I have always wanted to be a writer mainly because I want people to read what I am writing and get something out of it. That is one of the main reasons I started this blog. In every story I write there is a message that is sent to the person reading it. Most of the messages are for realizations about your own life and lessons you can learn from others mistakes. Many times writing helps me get away from the world. I can make my own world how I want it to be and write it all down. It helps my mind transform to a better state that makes me realize things that are happening are not so bad. I have found reading enjoyable and relaxing. If you like to write comment on what you like to write about.



5 thoughts on “Writing stories/books

  1. Heyy Kayla. I’ve told you that I like writing too. I love escaping into a world where I can make anything i want happen. I like to write modern-day stories…. action or mystery or whatever i feel like! i love just sitting down and writing whatever comes into my head. that’s where i get the best stories!!

  2. I luv to write aswell,
    I luv creating my own stories and mangas! =3
    I agree tht writng and reading are good ways to get away and explore another world (^_^)

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